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BSI Adhesive Videos

  • Adam Savage - Adam Savage Glue Favorites - Best CA Glues - CA Adhesives - Thin CA - Accelerant - Insta-Set - Insta-Cure - BSI Adhesives
    BSI is one of Adam Savage's favorite Glue Tools

    Adam Savage demonstrates how he uses CA's and Accelerators to make quick work of prop building and model making, and how he uses Insta-Set to speed up the curing time.

  • Best CA Glue - Best Super Glue - Independent Super Glue Test - BSI is the Best - Unbiased Test of CA Glue - BSI Adhesives
    Unbiased: Which CA Glue is the BEST

    TandemCTelevision presents an unbiased test of 6 different super glues to find out which is best. BSI is up against the top brand name competitors in price, strength, and pressure times. Find out how BSI ranks amongst our competitors. We're pretty pleased and think you will be too.

  • Epoxy Glue - Best Epoxies - Quik-Cure - 5 minute Epoxy - Mid-Cure - Two Part Epoxy
    Introduction to BSI Epoxies

    Epoxy is used in larger areas where more working time is needed. It is more water resistant and can be used as a substitute for QUIK-CURE™ in most applications. MID-CURE™ is our most flexible epoxy and is ideal for gluing to fiberglass surfaces. Allow 45 minutes before handling parts and 2 hours for full strength.

  • BSi CA Super Glue - Glue Comparision - Cyanoacrylate Glues - Differences - demonstrations - thickness - how to - BSI Adhesives
    BSI CA Comparison

    Model Merchants compares BSI's three main types of Cyanoacrylate glues (Insta-Cure, Insta-Cure+ and Maxi-Cure) and explain the differences between them, along with a few demonstrations of the types of applications you can use each one for.

  • Bob Smith Industires - Apply A Perfect CA Finish to a Wood Pen - BSI Adhesives
    How to Apply a Perfect CA Finish
    to a Wood Pen

    This video starts a three part series on pen finishes. This one covers applying a CA finish to wood pens.

  • Insta-Set Adhesive Accelerator - Un-Cure Adhesive Debonder - Model Merchants Demo Video - CA Glue Removal - Glue Accident - BSI Adhesives Glue Line
    How to Use Insta-Set and Un-Cure

    Model Merchants explains how to properly use Bob Smith Industries' Insta-Set Accelerator when using it with Cyanoacrylate CA glue and removing any accidental/excess applications of CA glue by using UN-CURE, a Cyanoacrylate debonder.

  • Foam Safe Glue - Super-Gold Foam Adhesive - Model Merchants - Foam Glue Demo - BSI Ahesives
    When to Use Foam Safe Super-Gold+

    Model Merchants explores Bob Smith Industries line of glues and show you the consequences of using non-foam safe and foam safe glue and how to properly bind two pieces of foam using Bob Smith Industries' Super Gold+ Glue, while adhering Insta-Set Accelerator during the process.

  • Model Merchants - RC Car Tire Bond - Ultra-Cure - Super Glue - BSI Adhesives
    Learn How to Bond an R/C Car Tire
    with Ultra-Cure

    Model Merchants shows how to properly bond a rubber R/C car tire to a rim using Bob Smith Industries' Ultra-Cure Tire Glue. They will show you how to prepare the the surface of the tire and rim, followed by how to bead it, and finally gluing it properly.

  • CA Glue - Expoxies - Guitar Manufacturing - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Adhesives
    Using CAs or Epoxies for Guitar Manufacturing

    BSI sells its epoxies and cyanoacrylates to several large guitar manufacturers. Many smaller musical instrument companies rely on BSI adhesives and use their local hobby shop as their source.

  • Super Glue - Insta-Set - Insta-Cure - CA - BSI Adheseives
    Using BSI Insta-Set and Insta-Cure
    (Super Glue)

    Vince Vell CUSTOMS demonstrates how he uses Insta-Set and Insta-Cure to repair or composite his sculptures.

  • Custom Action Figures - Galactic plastics - BSI Adhesives Review - CA - Epoxies
    Custom Action Figures 101 - BSI Adhesives Reviewed

    Rob Panick, from Custom Action Figures 101 and Galactic Plastics shares how they use BSI Adhesives and which adhesives they use for certain applications.

  • Fletching Arrows - CA - Super Glue - Insta-Set - Insta-Cure
    Maxi-Cure for Fletching Arrows

    Generally the instant set kind of glues are cyanoacrylate formulations. But as my research has uncovered, they are not all the same. I'll show you the one I like the best and it is available at your local hobby/model shop for a lot less than specialty fletching cements.

  • Maxi-Cure - Insta-Set - Un-Cure - Super Glue Best - BSI Adhesives
    Maxi-Cure, Insta-Set, and Un-Cure Demo

    Joe shows us how quickly the Super Glue sets up and how easy it is to break it free.

  • Maxi-Cure - Insta-Set - Wood working glue - Crown Moulding - Finish Crown Moulding - BSI Adhesives
    Using Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set for Crown Moulding

    Maxi-Cure is a great glue for many finishing projects. This video show you how to finish crown moulding around bullnose and returns.

  • Most Popular Super Glue - CA - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Adhesives - Un-Cure Super Glue - Accelerators
    Bob Smith Industries Glue Explained . . .

    BSI product run down by Eugene Toy & Hobby, April 3, 2015 — What we have done here is broken down the most popular Bob Smith Industry glue's in our store and explained which is best for each intended use.

  • Maxi-Cure Glue - Product Run Down - Favorite Hobby Glue - Eugene Toy and Hobby - BSI Adhesives
    Bob Smith Maxi-Cure Glue

    BSI product run down by Eugene Toy & Hobby, March 27, 2015 — We get questions about Bob Smith glue every single day at the shop and everything it can be used for. We figured it was time to show how good our favorite Maxi-Cure works.

  • Cyanoacrylate Glue - Piano Tuning - Fast Drying - CA - BSI Adhesives
    Piano Tuning & Repair Using CA Glue

    CA (Cyanoacrylate) Glue is a helpful item in doing repairs on pianos in the field as the set time is very fast so you don't have to wait for glue to dry. It is good for such repairs as fixing loose tuning pins among many other common piano repairs.

  • CA Glue - Tuning Pins - Piano Tuning - Super Glue - BSI Adhesives
    Using CA Glue to Repair Loose Tuning Pins in an Upright Piano

    This video shows a piano that had one very loose tuning pin. Howard Piano Industries shows how to apply the CA glue to the pin in an upright piano without laying the piano on its back.

  • IC-Gel Frag Glue - Underwater Project Glue - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Adhesives
    Using IC-Gel Frag Glue: Underwater Projects

    Bonding frags has never been easier thanks to BSI Cyanoacrylate IC-Gel. The gel is really thick and easy to work with much like the consistency of toothpaste. You can apply it an any angle and it won’t run or drip!

  • Repair Peeling Foam - Flexible Foam Cure Glue - BSI Adhesives
    How to Repair Peeling Foam from Ski Goggles

    We showcase how BSI's Flexible Foam Cure glue can be used to adhere / repair foam separating from the frame of ski / snowboard goggles. It's an EPP and EPO based foam glue that won't break down due to moisture.

  • Cyanoacrylate Automatic Dispensing Solutions - BSI Insta-Cure
    Automatic Dispensing Solutions for CA

    Using Cyanoacrylate in volume production requires automatic dispensing solutions. Manufacturers use our 8oz Insta-Cure, Insta-Cure+, and Maxi-Cure with Nordson EFD machines for greater control, optimum accuracy, and ultimate cost efficiency.

  • CA Adhesive - Super Glue - Accelerator - Rubber Bait fix - BSI Adhesives
    How to Replace Rubber Tails on Musky Baits

    Jeff Van Remortel, of Team Rhino Outdoors, talks about using BSI CA and Accelerator to replace rubber tails on your favorite musky lure.

  • CA Adhesive - Super Glue - Accelerator - Cosplay - BSI Adhesives
    Cosplay Quick Tip: How to Save Money on Super Glue

    Here are a couple of tips that will help save you some money in the long run for Cosplay...

  • CA Adhesive - Super Glue - Accelerator - woodworking - Carpentry - Crown Moulding - BSI Adhesives

    Using CA glue for the finish carpenter and wood worker. This is the strongest glue you'll ever need to use for finish carpentry, crown moulding, MDF, wood, or foam.

  • Glueing Pen Tubes - Epoxy - Epoxies - BSI Adhesives
    Gluing Pen Tubes with Epoxy

    Great advice on avoiding voids in glue coverage while gluing pen tubes with epoxy.

  • Bob Smith Industires - AMA Expo West - Charlee Smith - John Reid - Best Adhesives - BSI Adhesives
    Bob Smith Industries (BSI) Interview at AMA Expo West (2019)

    While we were at the AMA Expo West we ran into Charlee Smith from BSI (Bob Smith Industries). BSI makes some of the best adhesives in the world.