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What Our Customers Are Saying

With so many adhesives available on the market, it goes without saying that not all adhesives are created equal. It can be demonstrated that the quality of CA adhesive products (both standard & foam-safe) varies considerably.

Based on decades in the RC industry, my personal choice for CA and other adhesives is the Bob Smith Industries (BSI) product line. They are dedicated to adhesives and apply considerable science in the formulation and testing of their products.

Dr. A
Florence, OR
May, 2023

I have never had an issue with any BSI product that did not work exactly as described.

Lynden, WA
September, 2022

I wanted to send a message thanking you for producing the Super-Gold and Super-Gold+ odorless CA glue. The two of them allow me to use superglue without the eye and nasal irritation and the constant sneezing. I build wood model ships and your glue is amazing. It allows me to enjoy my hobby once again.

Dan K.
Charlotte, MI
April, 2022

BSI is the best.

Spent 50 years in the auto repair business. Sourced every glue imaginable for many different uses. Tried all the CA glues when they first started showing up. Back in the late 70's bought a Gentle Lady and the hobby shop owner have me a bottle of his branded CA. I had told him I was going to use white glue. His branded glue was BSI. Needless to say I was amazed. Bought three bottles, thin, med, and thick for our mechanics to try,( before they were called technicians). Since then they would have nothing else. When I retired a couple years ago the new manager wanted to know where I got it. I had always used replenishment as an excuse to go to the LHS. Use BSI you will not be disappointed.

Fayetteville, NC
June, 2021

We and our customers are very happy with your products, as they are the best on the market. Of course some customers argue, that they do not see a difference in cyanos, one is like the other etc., but once they tested your glue they change their mind and do not want another cyano anymore.

R. Neumann,
Toni Clark Practical Scale, GERMANY
January 19, 2021

I'm an independent artist in Melbourne, Australia, and I've recently switched over to using your products in making my sculptural works. I've been very impressed with the quality of your stock and won't be using another brand again!

Gerard G.
November, 2020

Thanks for the info. I figured that if I contacted you that BSI would have a solution for this application. Have never been let down with your recommendations. Keep up the good work. When it comes to adhesives for special or any applications, your knowledge has been invaluable.

R. Ernhardt
October, 2020

I am a classical guitarist and I use your super thin glue to reinforce my fingernails for playing. I apply a thin layer of glue to the nail, sprinkle acrylic powder onto it, then put more glue over the top. After building up a couple layers I either let it air dry or use accelerator and sand and buff until it is smooth. It creates a super strong, smooth surface which sounds great when plucking the strings.

Charles Ewing
Artistic Director Boston Classical Guitar Society
April 15, 2020

I LOVE your Maxi-Cure. My paint shop sold it to me to glue my old dining room chair seats together when they cracked open. But I've used it for so many things.

A student came to me nearly in tears when he broke something and I brought it into him the next day. It worked.

Then my dentures broke in half. I used it. I talked to a denture place and the woman freaked - it's toxic, you shouldn't use it. So I looked it up on your website. It ISN'T toxic. AND I can use it over and over again ... nothing else will ever do.


Brenda M.
Elliott Heads, Queensland AUSTRALIA
September 11, 2019

Whenever anyone asks us about adhesives the answer is always Bob Smith Industries [BSI].

We speak to so many people that have poor experiences with other brands of adhesives especially epoxies and super glue... we did too til we used BSI products! You'll hear without fail the following statement in our film and cosplay how to workshops - "If you only write one thing or take one picture - BSI adhesives"

25 second no fus hold on most of their stuff including their quick setting 2 part epoxy. They are all so easy to use as well. Our absolute must have is BSI Maxi-Cure super glue. We use it on everything including foam, rubber, plastic and metal. It is gap filling and doesn't run while applying it.

If you don't have BSI get some... You'll thank us (and them) later.

James T. Wulfgar
Wulgar Weapons & Props
February 27, 2019

I’ve used probably gallons of that 5 minute epoxy at work lol. That stuff works so well

Eric D.
Naglfar FX
February 27, 2019

We swear by it. But not like using the F word kind of swear, just really, really trust it to work. And since we recently moved to Arizona, and it's an open carry state, until I get my permit, I think I'm going to take your advice and just keep a bottle of BSI Insta-Cure on me.

Duft Werks
February 27, 2019

I used “Eastman 910” for years during my 30 years with Motorola (I was a manufacturing/process and automation engineer) but I have found your 135H [Maxi-Cure] product superior for my home repairs/project needs compared to the “other” Super Glues. My hobbies have lead me to build a CNC lathe and mini-mill along with 3D printing. All my projects are developed with Solidworks, Fusion 360 and often EagleCAD for PCB’s and the Arduino gadgets so I “stick stuff” together a lot.

Spring Grove, IL
November 28, 2018

Bob Smith CA is sold with various hobby store names on the bottles. This is top notch CA, and the bottle is superior to others, in my opinion. I like the oval cross section because you can squeeze it sideways so it sucks the glue back in, and the tips are more robust than other brands. Their tips are so good that I can usually save the top from a medium CA bottle for later use with the thin CA. I currently have two extras that I saved after running two ounces of medium CA through them. That's a good tip.

Osceola, MO
June 13, 2017

My boss ordered a set of your Maxi-cure/Insta-Set glue, and a comparable product (CA glue and accelerator) from 3M. We did a side by side test of both products. The BSI glue blew 3M out of the water. It was nicer to use in every way. The glue flowed from the bottle better, the spray bottle was MUCH better, and the glue seems at least as strong if not stronger. BSI is definitely our new standard CA glue.

Provo, UT
Nov. 28, 2016

By the way, we use your VERY superior adhesives for fixturing tools in our QC lab for geometry confirmation. The rigidity and toughness of the cured material is good for measurements down to 50 microinches (1.25 micron).

Ron R.
Nov. 15, 2016

I would like you to know that I recently received your Insta-Clean “ultimate residue remover”. It is awesome, even better than that! I love it and thank you for making it!!! It does everything it says, which is a breath of fresh air.

Joyce G.
Los Molinos, CA
Nov. 6, 2016

I heard your name in a hobby shop and never realized that I was using the accelerators made by your company. I am a teacher who is working toward building a business to better serve with my abilities

Before I was a teacher I was a soldier. Your little icon for supporting troops was uplifting.

Before being a soldier, a teacher, a father, I was a Christian. I am hopeful that my business will better use my God given gifts to serve the world around me. I love your message in the footer of your company web page. Thank you for the inspiration on a great Friday morning.

Rick M.
Fair Lawn, NJ
Oct. 7, 2016

We use super glue quite extensively on different types of plastic material; however, we have found much better results using the hobby shop type of super glue for model airplanes over the more generic super glues found at the hardware store.

EAA's Sport Aviation Magazine
September, 2016

I have built so many large R/C airframes with your CA that I can't even remember them all, but I do know that BSI CA has never let me down.

San Antonio, TX
Sept. 14, 2016

The "crazy glue" or "super glue" you get in the drug store or dollar store is CA, but CA glues differ a lot in quality, as well as in characteristics like thickness. Your local hobby shop (LHS) probably sells both thin and gap-filling CAs. Thin is for joints where the wood is pressed tightly together and for installing CA hinges. Gap-filling lets you attach pieces that fit together a bit less than perfectly. Using dollar-store CA on a model could be very dangerous. I have used Loctite super glues, which I get at hardware stores, and haven't had a problem, but I haven't used it much so this isn't an endorsement. Even with Hobby Shop CA, brands can matter. I use Bob Smith (which hobby shops sell with their own store labels, so "Bob Smith" appears only in very small print). Some other brands require the use of an accelerator to set up; with Bob Smith you can use an accelerator for fast setting but you don't have to.

Granger, IN
Sept. 5, 2016

We have been using Insta-Cure+ to attach rare earth magnets to our aluminum extrusions, both milled and anodized, for 2 years now with perfect success. We use the magnets to hold dress panels of wood, sintra, etc, and never a failure. Thank you for a great product!

George T.
Mississauga, Canada

I went to your website to get a phone number because I have been away from Modeling for almost 50 years and I knew that a lot has change from when I used Ambroid glue for everything. Wow! What a great site. I found answers to all my questions with no effort at all. Thanks so very much and THANK YOU for supporting our Wounded Veterans. You will forever get all of my business. Unfortunately I am 72, so it will only be for a few more years.

Don Brimmer​
Kissimmee, FL​

For many years I've used Hot Stuff for applying finishes for my pens, but when I tried Insta-Cure I was surprised to find that it applied smoother, built faster, and polished better than the Satellite City stuff I was so fond of using. I’m officially converted to BSI and Insta-Cure!

Ryan W.

I'm not going to buy another brand than Bob Smith. Other brands always end up drying in their bottle after a few uses.

Christian R.

All my customers are absolutely in love with your glue!

Marie D.
Devine Dental Supply

Bob Smith Insta-Cure+ is a mystical force around our offices. We have reports of some models not sticking when using other, inferior, brands such as SuperGlue.

C. Wicks
Action Games

Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure Review, Stop Wasting $$$$$ on Foam-Tac

Foam-Tac is great stuff and I've been using it for the last couple of years on all my builds. I use epoxy on the fuselage internal pieces and motor mount and supports, 3M 777 for KFs, Alene's glues for glassing, spot or two of hot glue, and Foam Tac everywhere else. There are two problems with Foam-Tac, number one is that it is expensive, and number two is that it remains too elastic when cured.

Because of its final elasticity, it does not sand well and beads. It also sticks to painters tape and is easy to pull out like caulk when removing the tape. Over the years I've learned to work with these downsides. I used Alene's glues for glassing because of tremendous cost savings. As much glassing as I do, I could buy a BNF plane with the money I'd spend on Foam-Tac. The downside of Alene's glues is that they are water soluble and this makes painting difficult with water based acrylics. There had to be something better out there.

foam-cure - bsi adhesivesA couple of weeks ago, I placed a big order to Hobby King. As always, I looked for things I might need but didn't know I needed them until I saw them. Worst than going to Costco, you always buy more stuff than you intended. I came across Bob Smith Industries Foam-Cure and every hobbyist has their epoxies and CAs at their bench. If they decided to make a foam glue, you know they would get it right. Foam-Tac is good, but it is a modified glue for making and mending clothes!

So on my current build I used Foam-Cure as a trial where I've had the biggest problems with Foam-Tac. I like to fill the fuselage nose gaps with foam strips and sand it smooth. These are parkjets, smooth equals less drag, more speed, and less downstream turbulence. Sanding Foam-Tac is like sanding the gummy residue left by a sticker and Foam-Cure is like sanding Bondo. Bonus, the fuselage nose cone built with Foam-Cure feels much more solid than the one with Foam-Tac. Score, it dries faster!

To view the full length blog review and comments click: migsrus.blogspot.com

Stephan Moran
North American Mig Consortium

I was at Best in the West Jet Rally last October and in their pilot bags was a bottle of [your primary competition]. I brought it home and threw it in my glue box. A couple days ago, as I was working on a plane, I ran out of BSI Purple gap. Well, I grabbed the [competitor's] to keep working and what some bad glue this is. Your glue assortment is so much nicer to work with and sets up with a quality bonded joint. Thank you for your company and the quality of products you make available to the model world. More people are finding out YOU are the leader in quality model adhesives.

D. Johnson
St George, Utah

Your quality products have really re-kindled my love of CA for all manner of projects.

Jason S.
Cincinnati, OH

I love your Maxi-Cure, so much better than Krazy Glue.

Teresa C.
Atascadero, CA

I have found other brands of epoxy tend to harden in the bottle after a year. Is it true BSI's epoxies have a 5 year guarantee? I have begun to use BSI CA glues recently and I find them exceptionally good in all respects.

J. Easthope
Burlington, Ontario CANADA

I just found a bottle of your Foam-Cure. I build a lot from blue and pink foam board. It works great, to say the least.

S. Stielow, Russell

Thank you for your support of our contests and for such wonderful products, which I have been using since the early 2000s. Your adhesives are by far the best, from building planes to gluing tires.

C. Maclin
Horn Lake, MS

We are a composites manufacturer for full size aircraft. It's a running joke around here that awesome planes are built with three basic things: popsicle sticks, duct tape and Insta-Cure+.

B. Zimmerman
Redmond, OR