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bsi adhesives

Your Adhesive Company

for over 30 years

Premium Adhesives for Industry & Consumers

Super Glue - BSI Adhesives

Adhesives Embraced by Industry

Give Consumers Professional Results.

CA Accelerator
Cures Super Glue in 10 seconds
without compromising quality!
Insta-Set Accelerator - CA Accelerator - BSI Adhesives
Foam Safe Adhesives - BSI Glues


100% Foam Safe

Super-Gold™ Odorless CA
Super-Gold+™ Odorless CA
Insta-Set™ (has strawberry scent)
5 minute Epoxy - BSI Adhesives 15 minute Epoxy - BSI Adhesives 30 minute Epoxy - BSI Adhesives

BSI Epoxy

Superior Bonding

Won’t Crystalize

Unlimited Shelf Life


Premium Threadlocking Adhesive
Threadlocker - BSI Ahesive
Foam safe Flexible Glue - BSI Adhesives

100% Foam Safe Adhesive

Semi-Flexible Foam and Craft Glue

Super Glue and Accelerator - BSI Adhesives

Maxi-Cure™ and


In One Complete Package

Glue Gold Club Heads - BSI Adhesives

Super-Fix™ System

Fills joints and voids

and can be sanded and painted.

Aquarium Coral Glue - BSI Adhesives


Bonds Live Coral Frags

to Underwater Rocks

Non-toxic, extremely thick, cyanoacrylate paste
for aquariums.


The Flight Experience Aircraft

Premium Adhesives

BSI manufactures a full line of epoxy and cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives for hobby and industrial use, with over 1800 dealers worldwide.

Contractors & Woodworkers

BSI's adhesives match or surpass the performance of other adhesives from our competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Hobby Glue

Starting in 1983 with only 3 epoxies and just 20 dealers, BSI is now the preferred glue for the serious modelmaker.

Can you tell me if CA can be exposed to gasoline without losing its bond? I have a gas tank on a weed eater…

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