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Hardware Adhesives

  • Superglue - Insta-Cure Adhesive - CA - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Ahesives

    has a water-thin viscosity that wicks deep into joints by capillary action and cures in a…

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  • Superglue - Super Glue - CA - Cyanoacrylate - Insta-Cure Plus BSI Adhesive

    is a medium viscosity CA for loose fitting joints in which the adhesive must bridge gaps…

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  • Extra Thick Super Glue - Cyanoacrylate - CA - BSI Adhesive

    extra thick CA is the best CA for most plastics, including GE’s Lexan MAXI-CURE™ is the…

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  • Odorless Adhesive - Foam Safe Super Glue - Foam Safe Cyanoacralate - CA - BSI Adhesive

    is an odorless super glue that is non-frosting and takes only 2 or 3 seconds…

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  • IC-Gel - Coral Frag Adhesive - Waterproof Adhesive - BSI Adhesive

    is a cyanoacrylate paste that is extremely thick which comes in an applicator tube…

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  • IC-2000 - Black Rubber Toughened Super Glue Adhesive - BSI Adhesive

    is a black rubber-toughened cyanoacrylate that forms superior shock resistant bonds…

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  • Speed Glue Dry Time - Instantly set Adhesive - Hardware Adhesive Spray - BSI Adhesives

    is a catalyst which acts as an accelerator that allows CAs to quickly cure…

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  • Super Glue & Insta-Set - Instant Glue Adhesive - BSI Adhesives

    Maxi-Cure™ and Insta-Set™ in one easy pack. Pack includes two extra CA tips…

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  • Super Glue & - Welding Powder - Gap Filler - BSI Adhesives

    Super-Fix fills joints and voids using a combination of Super Glue and a dry powder…

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  • Two-Part Epoxy - 30 minute Cure Epoxy - BSI Adhesives

    30 min. epoxy works best for forming reinforcing fillets on joints. It has the highest…

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  • Two-Part Epoxy - 15 minute Epoxy - BSI Adhesives

    15 min. epoxy is used in larger areas where more working time is needed. It is more…

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  • Two-Part Epoxy - 5 minute Epoxy - BSI Adhesives

    5 min. epoxy cures to a slightly flexible consistency. This lack of brittleness allows it…

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  • 100 Percent Foam Safe Adhesive - Foam-Cure - Foam Glue - BSI Adhesives

    is a silicone based adhesive that works very well on EPP and EPO foams. It is crystal…

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  • Sticker Remover - Spray On Tape Remover - BSI Adhesives

    works on all surfaces, including: glass, cardboard, plastic, fiberglass and everything…

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  • Adhesive debonder - Super Glue remover - Un-Cure - BSI Adhesives

    debonder will soften cured CA. If parts are bonded incorrectly or your fingers are stuck…

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  • threadlock - permanent threadlocker - BSI Adhesives

    is a medium thickness, high strength threadlock that is applied to the threads of fasteners…

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  • threadlock - medium streangth - BSI Adhesives

    is a medium thickness, medium strength threadlock that is applied to the threads…

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  • threadlock - medium-high streangth - thin thickness - BSI Adhesives

    is a thin, medium-high strength threadlock that is applied to fasteners that are already…

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  • threadlock - medium-high streangth - thin thickness - BSI Adhesives

    is a lower strength, medium thicknes, threadlock that prevents loosening of small screws…

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  • recreation adhesive - motorcycle grip adhesive - Jet ski grip adhesvie - waterproof adhesive - BSI Adhesives

    has been specifically formulated for applying grips and mats for recreational vehicles…

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