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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the grips off after using Grip-it™?

We have found that the best way to get the grips off is to shove a long flat screwdriver into the hole at the end of the grip, maneuvering between the grip and the handlebar. Twist the grip around the bar until you turn it all the way around. The grip should slide off easily.

What is the best way to remove Grip-it™ from your skin?

Acetone is the best way to remove Grip-it™.

How much Royal Onyx™ should be used when assembling clubs?

Typically, the amount used will depend on the tightness of the fit between hozel and shaft. Royal Onyx™ should be applied so that both the hozel and shaft are completely covered. Typically, 0.6 to 1.0 grams of adhesive will be required depending on tightness of the fit.

How quickly can I play with a club assembled with Royal Onyx™?

Most clubs are playable within 45 minutes from the original application. Again, loose fitting clubs do take longer to bond and may require up to a 6 hour cure.

How many clubs should I expect to complete with Royal Onyx™?

Typically, a clubmaker can complete up to 75 clubs per one bottle of Royal Onyx™. The number will vary depending on the tightness of fit between shaft and hozel.

How do I remove Royal Onyx™ from skin or club head?

Cured or un-cured Royal Onyx™ can be easily removed with acetone.

How easily is the club head removed when it becomes necessary?

Royal Onyx™ holds a strong bond up to 230 degrees F. To remove a club head from the shaft, the hozel must be heated past this temperature. An electric heat gun or propane torch will both work well.

Are there any other uses for Royal Onyx™?

Yes. Royal Onyx™ will bond any close fitting surface including metal, graphite, plastic, wood, and rubber.